Is cloning really necessary in this time?……By: hi im Andrew

Cloning, defined as the process of producing similar populations of genetically identical individuals that mainly occurs in nature when organisms such as bacteria, insects or plants reproduce asexually. Cloning in biotechnology terms refers in processes used to create copies of DNA fragments from the original source or organisms. This term also goes towards the production of multiple copies of a product such as technology for starters, which reflects on digital media or software; but why clone animals if they can just reproduce an offspring?

Well the truth is that scientist are trying to protect endangered animals from its extinction. Animals such as pandas, Rhinos, ferrets and various amounts of animals, mainly in the south East Asian area. Right now scientist hasn’t thought on considering on making research on non-endangered animals. What gave motivation to scientist on cloning animals was the famous experiment on Dolly the sheep back in 1996. Dolly was produced through reproductive cloning; reproductive cloning is genetic duplication of an existing organism particularly transferring the nucleus of somatic cell of the organism into an enucleated oocyte. Sadly Dolly died at the age of 6, which is half of the normal age of an ordinary sheep, Dolly died through arthritis and lung tumour. If this is the reason for scientist to clone animals, then what is the purpose of cloning humans?

The scientific purpose for cloning humans is mainly on curing the incurable, to cure cancer, to help people who are infertile. Scientist have been researching humans for quite a while now. Their main objective is to find the solution for incurable diseases and cancer, they research health and blood of a human; for the most part they research the cell of the human that has been contacted with cancer. Scientist investigate the cancer cell and how it changes the blood cell of a human body.

Infertile, is defined as unable to produce, unable to produce child. People who are infertile are currently suffering. Being infertile is very devastating for all of us.

What Christians believe with cloning is really an undesirable act from science. Christians believe that God gave us human beings to have the responsibility to be good stewards of our world. What it means is taking care of our planet and humans that are living within it. Christians believe that scientist just play around with genetics of a human and somehow play a role of God making them not good of a steward.

Pope Benedict XVI, condemns human cloning and its lead to its so-called “benefits”. The leader of many Roman Catholics said that scientist should be guilty for their actions and offences against human dignity and also using it as “Biological matter”. The Pope wishes the end of it; but science advances way too quickly for the Pope’s intervention to ever stop cloning. He also said about the church developing ‘new problems’ about the fact of freezing embryos, designing babies, stem cell research and the bold attempts of human cloning.

In my opinion cloning can be a solution to endangered animals especially rhinos and pandas; but I still think its quite useless to clone endangered animals in order to keep its population steady. If a type of animal is close to extinction, the only thing better is to breed the type. I agree to the views from Christians, they specially explain about dignity and God; however science has its reasons and scientist have ambitions in either curing incurable cancer or diseases or helping the endangered animals. To put this in conclusion, Science and Religion do not mix together.


Dolly the sheep (Successfully cloned)


A description of human cloning.

Dolly the sheep:

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Christians view:

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One thought on “Is cloning really necessary in this time?……By: hi im Andrew

  1. Great explanation of the views of the church. Good use of pictures and information. After reading I have gained a better understanding of what cloning is and how it works. I agree with your views on the ethical issue, cloning can be used as a solution to endangered animals but I don’t think it’s fully necessary in this time.
    Fred Essey 🙂


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