Reflection on the process of Video Blogging – Elias Draybi

What are some important considerations when filming outdoors?

  • Wind needs to be considered as it causes sound disruptions
  • The weather e.g. rain needs to be considered as cameras may not be waterproof and could get damaged

Which Green Screen Techniques are best suited for your video and why?

  • Depending on whats happening in front of the screen may affect how the green screen works. So if anyone or anything is wearing green and the green-screen is on the green side, it may cause your video to pick up the props instead of the background; in cases like these you would have to swap the green-screen to the blue side.

What are some methods in preventing shaky cameras?

  • Using a camera tripod to film means that you get a steady video and the focus is excellent. Other suggestions may include sitting the camera on a table or steady surface.

How can iMovie techniques and transitions enhance the message of your video?

  • By using iMovie we can enhance the audiences focus to make them want to watch the video.
  • We can make the video appealing and engaging

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