Blog Reflection on the Process of Video Blogging… By Alex Ritchie

1. What are some important considerations when filming outdoors?

Filming outdoor can be a real pain and there are a few consideration to think about when doing so. Firstly the best place to film outdoor is a place without strong or any wind. Wind can be a major problem when filming outdoor because it can effect the sound. You should also consider filming somewhere where there is sun but too much sun will just make it too bright.

2. What are some methods in preventing shaky cameras?

No video looks good when it’s shaking so why not prevent it? There are many ways to prevent a shaky camera but the main one is to use a stand or tripod. The Glidcam is also popular for filmers. The Glidcam allows you to move smoothly unlike the tripod.

3. Why might you need to consider appropriate audio levels and sound effects?

Don’t you hate it when your audio is fuzzy. Audio fuzziness can be caused when your audio level is too loud, so always make sure you have it at a appropriate level. When using special effects make sure it relates to the scene and also make sure it’s in the spot and it’s the right length because you wouldn’t want a explosion sound after the explosion image.

4. How critical is storyboarding and scripting before you begin filming?

It’s always important to plan your video before recording so making a storyboard and scripting can help a lot. Storyboarding gives you an image of how the scene is going to look like but scripting doesn’t give you a image but gives you more detail on what to say and what to do



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