Vlog production reflection by C. Tong

1.What are some important considerations when filming outdoors?

When filming outdoors, it should be considered to use Boom microphones because wind and other outdoor noise can interfere with the recording. Also be weary of the weather for rain could disrupt the equipment or the filming. The set that one desires must be planned out so that no interruptions could occur and it’s is advisable to use High definition cameras.


Boom Microphone

2.How critical is storyboarding and scripting before you begin filming?

Storyboard and scripting is necessary before one films because it is required to actually know what one is doing before one ought to film. Without any form of planning, the group members will have their own view of things, think on the spot when making a video and ultimately create a dodgy, poorly directed and poorly scripted video which wouldn’t engage the viewer and would confuse the viewer.

3. How can iMovie techniques and transitions enhance the message of your video?

‘iMovie’ techniques such as transitions can enhance the message of the video by providing useful fonts which can help portray an idea across in words, the transitions provide a fluid change from one scene to the next which can mask the cutting and pasting of clips and iMovie techniques are able to add and modify sound effects in the video.

4. Why might you need to consider appropriate audio levels and sound effects?

Because of interference from outside the video such as the wind, it is to consider appropriate audio levels and sound effects. Tinkering the sound effects allows one to experience a sense of heightened realism as if one is actually in the video.


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