• What are some important considerations when filming outdoors?

When filming outdoors, there are several things to consider and take note of before filming. Some of these things include the lighting. Lighting outdoors can vary as a result of time, weather conditions and location. For example, in a sunny day, light is intense and will also create harsh shadows under the eyes and chin, and the colour temperature is close to white. Another thing to consider is wind, which would effect the audio picked up by the microphone.

  • How critical is storyboarding and scripting before you begin filming?

Storyboarding is critical in film making since it gives the cinematographer and director an idea of what the producer envisioned for the product. Knowing this vision allows the crew to know what to do and how to achieve this vision.

  • What are some methods in preventing shaky cameras?

Shaky videos (in most cases) scream out “amateur”. Shaking cameras may distract viewers, as well as obstruct the shot that was attempted. Methods to reduce the effect of camera shake include:

A tripod: A three legged camera stand that can be used to keep the camera still as well as operate without a user.

A glidecam: A image stabilisation rig that is attatched to the universal tripod mount. It uses balance and inertia to stabilise the image, even when moving.

and in-lens VR/IS (Vibration Reduction and Image Stabilisation): Vibrations caused inside the lens to counter handheld shake.

  • What different types of framing and composition might you use when filming?

There are several forms of composition that can be used in film making:

Leading lines: Lines in an image that lead the viewer to looking to the subject.

Rule of thirds: Placing the subject where imaginary lines that divide the image into thirds both horizontally and vertically intersect.

Negative space: a composition that includes the subject and a simple background, exclusively.



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