Vlog Questions – Andrew San Pedro

What are some important considerations when filming outdoors?

A boomer microphone is important for outdoors in terms of not letting the environment interrupt your film with its disturbing noise. The environment to change to a good look makes the film high quality because it doesn’t look its being rushed or the film looking like its a mess because a chain of different environments are mixed together in one film.

How critical is story boarding and scripting before you begin filming?

The critical points of story boarding and scripting is that you need plans and lines on what you’re saying. Reasons why its important is because you need to memorize and learn how to position yourself in the chosen environment. If you don’t have any of those then you’ll struggle since you have no lines to memorize and your story will look confusing.

What are some methods in preventing shaky cameras?

Tripods help handle the shakiness of the camera. Tripods in the other hand are quite expensive and are difficult to carry or hold onto since it involves 2 hands. Tripods are used to in most picture taking events such as school photos, Weddings, Birthdays, graduation they’re usually there to make the pictures look presentable and neat.

Why might you need to consider appropriate audio levels and sound effects?

Audio effects are the main sounds you need to listen, these audio effects are usually from the film you have captured. Sound effects in the other hand helps make the film look catchy or mesmerizing for those who are willing to watch the film; however leveling the sounds makes the film suitable because you can’t have both audio or sound effects in the same level, it makes it really loud and annoying.



  • What are some important considerations when filming outdoors?

When filming outdoors, there are several things to consider and take note of before filming. Some of these things include the lighting. Lighting outdoors can vary as a result of time, weather conditions and location. For example, in a sunny day, light is intense and will also create harsh shadows under the eyes and chin, and the colour temperature is close to white. Another thing to consider is wind, which would effect the audio picked up by the microphone.

  • How critical is storyboarding and scripting before you begin filming?

Storyboarding is critical in film making since it gives the cinematographer and director an idea of what the producer envisioned for the product. Knowing this vision allows the crew to know what to do and how to achieve this vision.

  • What are some methods in preventing shaky cameras?

Shaky videos (in most cases) scream out “amateur”. Shaking cameras may distract viewers, as well as obstruct the shot that was attempted. Methods to reduce the effect of camera shake include:

A tripod: A three legged camera stand that can be used to keep the camera still as well as operate without a user.

A glidecam: A image stabilisation rig that is attatched to the universal tripod mount. It uses balance and inertia to stabilise the image, even when moving.

and in-lens VR/IS (Vibration Reduction and Image Stabilisation): Vibrations caused inside the lens to counter handheld shake.

  • What different types of framing and composition might you use when filming?

There are several forms of composition that can be used in film making:

Leading lines: Lines in an image that lead the viewer to looking to the subject.

Rule of thirds: Placing the subject where imaginary lines that divide the image into thirds both horizontally and vertically intersect.

Negative space: a composition that includes the subject and a simple background, exclusively.


Vlog production reflection by C. Tong

1.What are some important considerations when filming outdoors?

When filming outdoors, it should be considered to use Boom microphones because wind and other outdoor noise can interfere with the recording. Also be weary of the weather for rain could disrupt the equipment or the filming. The set that one desires must be planned out so that no interruptions could occur and it’s is advisable to use High definition cameras.


Boom Microphone

2.How critical is storyboarding and scripting before you begin filming?

Storyboard and scripting is necessary before one films because it is required to actually know what one is doing before one ought to film. Without any form of planning, the group members will have their own view of things, think on the spot when making a video and ultimately create a dodgy, poorly directed and poorly scripted video which wouldn’t engage the viewer and would confuse the viewer.

3. How can iMovie techniques and transitions enhance the message of your video?

‘iMovie’ techniques such as transitions can enhance the message of the video by providing useful fonts which can help portray an idea across in words, the transitions provide a fluid change from one scene to the next which can mask the cutting and pasting of clips and iMovie techniques are able to add and modify sound effects in the video.

4. Why might you need to consider appropriate audio levels and sound effects?

Because of interference from outside the video such as the wind, it is to consider appropriate audio levels and sound effects. Tinkering the sound effects allows one to experience a sense of heightened realism as if one is actually in the video.

Reflection on the process of Video Blogging – Elias Draybi

What are some important considerations when filming outdoors?

  • Wind needs to be considered as it causes sound disruptions
  • The weather e.g. rain needs to be considered as cameras may not be waterproof and could get damaged

Which Green Screen Techniques are best suited for your video and why?

  • Depending on whats happening in front of the screen may affect how the green screen works. So if anyone or anything is wearing green and the green-screen is on the green side, it may cause your video to pick up the props instead of the background; in cases like these you would have to swap the green-screen to the blue side.

What are some methods in preventing shaky cameras?

  • Using a camera tripod to film means that you get a steady video and the focus is excellent. Other suggestions may include sitting the camera on a table or steady surface.

How can iMovie techniques and transitions enhance the message of your video?

  • By using iMovie we can enhance the audiences focus to make them want to watch the video.
  • We can make the video appealing and engaging

Our Environment: Our Responsibility by G. Vallido

“The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.” —Lady Bird Johnson


The environment is one thing that is shared between all who have set foot on Earth. The Earth’s significance transcends the boundaries of religion, race, gender & even time itself. What we do with this planet today will affect the people of tomorrow; therefore, it is everyone’s responsibility to look after the environment to their best ability.


Because of the environment’s inclusive nature, the Catholic Church as well as the people of the secular world share the same view towards the responsibility of caring for the environment. These two groups share the same goal, but have different reasons as to why they believe that Earth should be looked after.


From a secular point of view, the environment should be maintained & looked after because of numerous ethical and scientific reasons. Sustainability is popular because people desire a world where the air is clean and without smog; where the planet is beautiful & landfill and pollution free; and where animals are thriving and surviving. What society wants is a world where their children can live and appreciate the beauty of nature.



The Catholic Church, among other ethical issues, shares this perspective of the environment & the responsibility associated with it. However the Catholic Church has some additional reasoning behind the care of the environment, which distinguishes their perspective from others.


“We must respect the integrity of all Creation” – Catechism of the Catholic Church #2415




Base upon the Genesis account, Catholics believe that the Universe, and everything in it was created by God, with the intention for good. God being the Creator, created humanity along with the environment, and had given humanity dominion over the earth’s resources (Gen. 1:28). God had gave us this dominion so that we may care for His Creation; to be stewards of this beautiful gift.


Because of this belief of being assigned the role of “Steward of Creation”, it is considered by Catholics that polluting the environment is a dishonour towards God, since it goes against God’s command to look after Creation.


Also, the Catholic Church believes that the Earth should be looked after because of Catholic Social Teaching. The Catholic Church Social Teaching sums up the teaching of the Church on issues of justice between groups in society. Teaching draws on sources of insight used in Catholic ethics; such as Scripture, reason, tradition and experience. Its primary principle is dignity of the human person, which surrounds other principles such as common good, participation and subsidiarity.


The Catholic Church would support the care of the environment since it is concurrent with the Catholic Social Teaching principles. The most relevant principle is the tenth, which is “Care of Creation”. This principle demands that the earth is to be looked after since the Earth is God’s gift & all species have a rightful place in it. Another is the principle of common good . Since the goods of creation are intended for the common good of all living things, it would be considered right to look after Creation, so all may enjoy it. Lastly, the principle of participation closely relates to sustainability. Sustainability is all about preserving and using environmental resources to avoid depleting them. By living sustainably, the future generations will be able to participate in delighting in Creation.

I believe that the Earth should be looked after not only since God has given humanity the duty to look after His Creation, but for reasons such as the preservation of plant and animal life; the prevention of smog and health issues, and the ability to provide the future generations with environmental resources.


A video about the Earth Hour Movement & Spider Man being the first superhero ambassador for the world initiative: Here

What the Bible says about the Environment: Here

Are we manipulating God’s power? – Elias Draybi

Genetic Engineering, the deliberate modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material. Also known as making the impossible; possible. Imagine a world where diabetes, cancers and bad diseases are all non-existent, yes that does sound great, but that also means were taking away the features and the unique things about ourselves and forming them into something that we feel would make us happier. But does God want this? I mean he made us all as individuals and in the image of himself, why on earth would we want to alter that?


Genetic engineering is an extremely controversial issue itself without even considering the view of its reverence for life. I agree that it may provide more fruits in our fields and bigger animals but the dangers involved with Genetic Engineering may result in the death of hundreds, possibly millions of people. Not only that but is it fair that we ‘play God’ by altering his earth, forgetting about all that he did for us. “Consider what God has done: Who can straighten what he has made crooked?” – Ecclesiastes 7:13

There are many fears about Genetic Engineering itself, what tops it off is what is called a designer baby. Allowing parents to design what their child will look like and adjust their genes to make them smarter or faster or even muscular. What is humanity coming to?


Despite most negativity the Catholic church doesn’t despise Genetic Engineering completely. Surprised? Thats expected. In fact the Church teaches that it must be used respectively and mustn’t  abused  by humans. Basically scientists are allowed to mute diabetes and cure diseases that follow, but cloning humans and creating designer baby’s is unsupported.

In my personal opinion, I think genetic engineering will only bring harm upon humans, yes I agree it may have its benefits when it comes to curing diseases but then again Jesus planned our lives before we even entered the womb, so that means that Jesus himself would’ve given you that disease for a reason! Perhaps he is testing your strength or your time on earth is coming to an end, how would we know this if we let genetic engineering take over? Everything happens for a reason… we need to stop altering things because they don’t suit our requirements!

‘ But God gives it a body as he has determined, and to each kind of seed he gives its own body.  Not all flesh is the same: People have one kind of flesh, animals have another, birds another and fish another’ – 1 Corinthians 15:38-39